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    Unanswered: .NET command type run differences

    leads needed . . .

    client1: .NET aspx VB script running on a local webserver to production database (sql2k)

    client2: isql utility

    both clients are running on the same machine, and pointed to the production DB - a 4-proc 4-gigRAM dell beast running SQL2K enterprise and Win2K server.

    We have a sproc that runs in 3 seconds on client2, but times out when executed as a commandType = storedprocedure from within client1 (T/O = 30secs)

    now if within my .NET script I change the command type to text, and build the sql statement as a string instead of executing it as a procedure - it returns in about . . . 3 seconds!

    ADO settings, or something? This is driving me nutz!

    thanks in advance for any insight -


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    Have you tried using SQL Profiler and doing traces? That might tell you something.

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