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    Unanswered: Server Filter

    I am having a strange problem with the Server Filter property of one of my forms.

    In some cases, after I filter my form programmatically the filter remains even after I close the form on its Server Filter property.

    I even have a code to set the Server filter to nothing and it still has the same problem.
    I have used the following codes on the "On CLose" event og my form:

    On CLose:


    I also tested:
    ServerFilter=" "

    Can anyone help me?

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    server filter

    i dont trust server filter--

    when it is 'just forms' you can set the recordsource programmatically; and its pretty straighforward.

    i just wish that you could do that same thing for reports--

    that would rock my world!
    Access 2002 ADP Rocks my World

    Long live SQL Server and 64bit Windows!!!

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