I am new member to this community,so i may not be in tune with the jargon used here.i apologize for that..!!

Now,I am trying to make a JSP which few checkboxes and the user needs to "check" in order to show his selection.It is like you opt for some stuff while shopping and leave the rest.Then the java bean related to this page will insert the user selection of checkbox(s) into a table (which has been already created beforehand).for this data-access i am using SQLJ instead of the orthodox JDBC.

I am using oracle 9i and tomcat 4.1.2. and jdk1.4 in a Windows XP(home)OS.

so when i complie my SQLJ file(which is also the bean in this case),shows no error.But when i try to view my JSP,then it shows the following error:

Description erver encountered an internal error that prevented it from fullfilling its request.

org.apache.jasper.JasperException : sqlj/runtime/ref/ConnectionContextImpl

and so on....

Now i have put all the SQLJ jar files (viz classes12.jar,translator.jar etc)into the TOMCAT_HOME/bin/ folder.But still its not working.

I will be glad if someone can suggest me in this regard as i am in the midst of this ordeal.

thanx in advance..!!!