I have created 'treeviewform', which has treeview control, and it is working fine. Based on 1 leaf click in treeview, I want to take action'Open Form' OR 'Open Report' etc.

I am able to do that also. But, there are some limitations.

1. If 'Treeviewform'(menu) is open, and if I am clicking leaf. So, one form/report will be open. But, If I drag that opened form/report over 'Treeviewform', it comes over and overlapping 'treeviewform'.

I want to stop that. I want to create 1 form or 1 Window. In which left region 2 inches will be dedicated/limted to 'Treeviewform', and remaining right space will be dedicated to 'form/report' which will be open by clicking leaf node in 'treeviewform'.

2. I want to change background color of 'MDI' window also.

In short, I want to make my application like SAP. SAP has VB code backside, and I want to make my 'menu' (leftside treeview form) and 'openform' (rightside).

I should be able to open more than 1 form or report in rightside region.
I dont want to use sub form thing.

I hope, I wrote clearly.