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    Question Unanswered: Distributed Database

    I am using the MySql in Wondow 2000 platform and I want to do the following tasks, but havn't any idea to do at MySql. Can any help me ?

    Database 1: have 'Client' Table
    Database 2: Have 'Bussiness1' Table
    Database 3: have 'Bussiness2' Table

    I want to map the 'Client' table from Database 1 to others, such that in Database 2 & Database 2 have the 'Client' table and synchronsize to others. How Can I do?

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    Re: Distributed Database

    dont know if suitable in ya case, my idea is to copy structure of 'Client' table to database 2 and 3, then write a sql statement file and a batch file that is run automatically by a scheduler every 1, 2 or 5 minutes (depends on how often you want) on the computer mysql resides.

    hope this helps

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