I've been trawalling through the web with little success on this one....

We use Veritas to back-up SQL7 Db's which have worked okay until we installed a SQL 2000 Named Instance on the same box. We now get the following error:

An error occurred on a query to database Timesheets.
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I/O error 2(error not found) detected during read of BUF pointer = 0x11ff7c80, page ptr = 0x26e84000, pageid = (0x1:0xe), dbid = 35, status = 0x801, file = S:\Mssql7\Data\Timesheets_Data.MDF.

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Which suggests a corrupt DB, which it isn't. The front-end systems work fine as do the DTS, the only other problem we have (which may or may not be connected) is a query from Access, using Linked table, also fails.

Any assistance/pointers would be appreciated - the guys who look after the back-ups Have (at least should have by now!) thrown this at Veritas support too.