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Thread: Design Dilemma

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    Angry Design Dilemma


    I am designing a database that tracks project costs and am having some trouble with the design. Each project has several tasks and sub tasks e.g.

    Project - Name of Project

    Top Task - Location e.g. ENG-England

    Mid Task - Phase, e.g. 0-Design, 1-Implementation

    Low task - Detail Phase e.g. 01-detailed design, 02-outline design.

    for each location all the mid tasks and low tasks are the same. To aviod repeating data I created a further table called task_relationship which links Locations to tasks.


    Parent Task - ENG-England
    Mid task - 0-Design

    When I come to assign costs to low tasks however there is no back flow in the current design to reference the top task due to the mid and detailed phases being shared between top tasks.

    When assigning costs should I reference a top task and a low task? Would this design be correct?

    Any Help Would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Design Dilemma

    You need to distinguish between reference data like "01-detailed design" which is shared by many projects and the use of that reference data, like "Project X has a low level task of type 01-detailed design".

    You need a structure along these lines (I have not concerned myself with levels of task here):

    Project ---< Project Task >--- Task

    Project Task will be where you record costs for a particular Project/Task combination. For example:

    Code Desc
    X Project X
    Y Project Y

    Code Desc
    01 detailed design
    02 outline design

    Project Task
    Project Code Task Code Cost
    X 01 5000
    X 02 6000
    Y 01 2000
    Y 02 3000

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