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    Question Unanswered: Error message "***stack*** psdb_init" encountered when running processes on autosys

    Hi to all,

    We have a couple of jobs that failed for no apparent reason. These jobs were scheduled on AutoSys.

    When we look at the autosys log file, we see the following message:

    adapter_fopen: ERROR: cannot fopen( install/, r), No such file or directory
    *** stack ***
    main( 6 )

    Re-running the job again always yield a successful result so we have no chance to figure out why the job failed in the first place.

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    Hi to all again,

    here are some additional information about the problem:

    I'm administering PeopleSoft on a Sybase database and scheduling batch processes on AutoSys.

    Once in a while, the COBOL scheduled jobs on Autosys will fail for no apparent reason other than the error message posted above in its log file.

    We will then re-run the failed process and the job will be sucessful every time.

    Will greatly appreciate if anybody can help with this matter.

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