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    Red face Unanswered: SPFILE format

    Hi all,

    What is the reason for having a *. in front of spfile parameters? E.g.

    *.db_name = 'dba01'
    *.db_domain = 'world'

    Will it work without the *. ?

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    the *. infront of the parameter means the this parameter is applied to all instances.

    If you have a RAC installation you can have multible instances. The Instances can share the spfile. Then you have one spfile and 2 or more instances. Parameters like db_name have the same value for all instances.

    *.db_name = xyz

    Parameters like instance_number must have different values for each insance.

    inst1.instance_number = 1
    inst2.instance_number = 2

    In this way you can have one spfile (or pfile) for all instances.

    regards jf

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    That explains it. Thank you. :-)

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