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    Unanswered: Rman and Arcserv

    I am having trouble getting rman to work on a remote server. The rman script does not seem able to find the tape drive which is on my rman arcserv server. I have installed the arcserv client agent + rman oracle agent on my client networked server. All these servers are NT servers. When I run an rman script on my arcserv server for the database that lives on there everything works fine. But when a similar script is run on the networked server for the database on the networked server the device sbt_tape cannot be found by the mml.

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    this is an expected behavior. The dedicated server process on the db-server is trying to open the mml-api. The rman-process on your client controls this process, but the rman-process don,t access the mml-api.

    So, in your second scenario the mml-api-library is installed on your client. The oracle-server-process on your server is trying to access a mml-api-library, but there is no installation of this.

    Hope this helps

    regards jf

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    Thanks for the reply but this has confused me.

    Is it possible for me to use rman to backup my database to tape on my networked server.

    Remember I have two servers, server (a) has two instances 1 rman and 1 application instance. server (a) has a tape drive attached, server (a) has arcserv server installed.

    On server (b) there is another application instance. Server (b) also has arcserv client - is this needed. I need to backup my database using rman on server (b).

    How can I install the mml_api_library on my server (b), I am assuming that this will tel rman where the tape drive is.

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