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    Unanswered: Linked table blues

    Thanks in advance!
    I have created a database that uses Access for the front end and SQL Server for backend. In one of the tables, I have a field of type nvarchar and length of 500. When I originally created the table this field was of type char and 300 charters long. When I have a record of more that 255 characters, Access is only pulling in the last (right end of string) part of the record

    (i.e. for this post to this point you would only see something like this

    "in the last (right end of string) part of the record (i.e. for this post to this point").

    In an attempt to try changing the data type back to char, I used Data Transformation to create a duplicate table so that I could experiment on it. When I link to the duplicate table I get several messages stating that data is larger than field length and this is before I made the changes.

    Could someone please give me some direction on how to correct the problem?


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    nvarchar(500) can only store 255 bytes of data. To store 500 bytes of data you would need nvarchar(1000) etc. The nvarchar & nchar data types can store max 4000 bytes not 8000 like varchar & char.
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