I have seen a couple notes about this on this forum, but not exactly to my needs.

I use TCS (scheduling software for a call center) and it is a Foxpro 2.6 database. We have recently gone from Access97 (MDAC 2.5) to AccessXP (MDAC 2.7?). I have been able to link to my tables in the FP db by using the VFP DSN drivers no problem.

The problem that I have is that I have 4 tables that I try to link to. I try to link to table 1 and actually may get linked to table 2. Or I try to link to table 4 and actually link to table 2. Of course, I'm being very careful to check that I'm linking to the right place (I have done it hundreds of times). It's just that every time it is inconsistent. Sometimes I hit the right table and sometimes I don't.

Anyone have any similar experiences like this or any solutions?