Having trouble compacting the Design Master database file in a replica set. What is the correct way to compact and repair the Design Master without destroying the Design Master flag? In my case, the Design Master has several partial replicas used by field data-collectors and 2 supporting .mdb files that act as a front-end (linked tables back to the Design Master) and an administrative/maint. tool (which also has linked tables pointing back to the Design Master).

Have attempted the method documented for Access 97 -- link:


This does not work with Access 2000, or at least not for me. Once you have compacted the file (which reduces file size from 55MB to 40MB), the only option under the Replication menu option is "Create Replica", which fails. Error message states "Microsoft Access cannot convert database into Design Master. Cannot make [tablename] object in Tables container replicable." After compacting, the database seems to function like a non-replicated database.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.