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    Question Unanswered: Making findnext wrap around

    Does anyone out there know how to capture when docmd.FindNext has found the last record so that I can make it go back to the first record and enable continous re-searching? What I mean is I have a command button and a text box with the search perameters that searches a specific field, and I have it FinndRecord then FindNext after that, so that multiple pushing of the command button pages through the records that meet that criteria. When it gets to the last record that meets that criteria, the next push of the button for me would ideally return to the start and search again rather than do nothing. Is there a value that can be captured when docmd.FindNext doesn't find another record? Thank you for any replies.

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    Re: Making findnext wrap around

    Haven't tried this but perhaps by looking at the recordset's EOF property and if it is true then do a movefirst command.

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