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    I have installed some mounth ago my postgres db but now i need to add java drivers in my database but i can't reinstall all because i've got some databse that i can't lost. How can i add the option --with-java in my running postgres

    Thanks @wdani

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    1. You will have to reinstall PostgreSQL in order to get the --with-java option. Also, you must have Ant (from the Jakarta project) installed. I don't think there is another way to do this.

    2. There is no reason your database will be 'lost', if you learn just a few simple commands, such as pg_dump, which lets you dump the whole contents of your database as text for backup. Also, if your reinstall is using the same version of PostgreSQL as your existing database, then your database should be preserved just fine. (but do pg_dump anyway, just to be sure). There is some more info in the INSTALL file in the PostgreSQL source, which explains all this better.

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