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    Unanswered: Should I use a DateAdd or create a new table?

    I have a tble called Payments. Each time we recieve an invoice from Contractors it lists all the Clients numbers which are the job numbers(similar to a PO no. but in this cases the ClientID's). The invoice is sent Quarterly to us and reduce data entry, would it be easier to create a lookup table that has a list quarter dates. All the user needs to do is select the Payment start and End periods or am I better off just have a table with a start quarter date and add a dateAdd function what will automatically add the end quarter date.

    The reasons I need Quarter dates is that my organisations at times needs to know in which quarter a certain client was paid. Its also allows me to print report by Quarter rather than the invoice recieved was actual paid. The Period being claim is more importance to us.

    How would one go about achieving this?

    So far my payment table looks like this
    txtPaymentID PK
    txtClientID FK

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    Used the DateAdd Function

    Use the dateadd Function. It is much more flexable that a table and you can create a date "on-the-fly"


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