Can anyone help me on this problem with oci?
I'm trying a simple query, it's a "SELECT ENAME FROM EMP WHERE EMPNO = 7839" from the scott/tiger Oracle example DB (this query correspond to a single row on the DB).
Well, when I call the OCIAttrGet method on a text type attribute, I can't read the value. If I call this method with a numeric parameter, it's all right. Example:

The next row works:
OCIAttrGet(&hParam, OCI_DTYPE_PARAM, &typeParam, NULL, OCI_ATTR_DATA_SIZE, &hErr)
and typeParam becomes 1 (2 for numeric values).

The next row doesn't work:
OCIAttrGet(&hParam, OCI_DTYPE_PARAM, &colName, NULL, OCI_ATTR_NAME, &hErr)
and colName becomes a set of strange characters.