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Thread: which db to use

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    which db to use

    I've been using Pervasive for some time now for client/server applications. It's worked well and I've been happy with that.

    I have several projects comming up the are out of my element. Stand alone apps. I have already converted some of the client/server apps to run stand alone. I used PSQL Workstation. It's cheap and works well.

    For a number of reasons I need to consider my options. What can I use that is inexpensive to distribute, easy to deal with and is compatible with 9.x, 2000, XP?

    I've heard the the jet engine is now a fairly decent DB?

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    I think so...

    I think jet (ACCESS) works just fine. I use 2000 or 2002 MSACCESS db's for nearly all my development work for smaller clients.

    I have used it also on the web for e-commerce and the like. I know of MSACCESS databases on the web getting 10,000+hits per day with little (if any) problems at all.

    There are some limitations compared to SQL-Server, but then, there's a great divide in price as well.

    I have previous experience in the xbase world with both dbase and Visual Fox. I wouldn't use either now that I'm up to speed with Access and VB capabilities.


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    Firebird is another good RDBMS

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