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    Unanswered: Automation Using Outlook 2002

    Is it possible to send an Email from within Access using Outlook 2002?
    All I seem to be getting are messages telling me that a program is trying to access email addresses. Do you want to allow this?
    I've read it's a security feature in Outlook 2002 preventing me from doing this. But is there a work around.

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    I would check Microsoft's support site for and patches or service packs for office/outlook 2002. MS TechNet

    I would then do a search on the internet for "automation" "outlook 2002".

    I have found that most of my questions are answered on the net within 10 minutes of searching. The two sites I like most for searching for tech answers are and

    Good luck!!!
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    the solution i found is in

    yes - outlook "security" gets in the way: if you send immediate you get a 5-second warning dialog before each mail is sent. the route i took was to save each message as draft and then send from outlook manually.

    ...nice to have would be an outlook macro that automatically sends all messages in the drafts folder. ok, you need to be disciplined about what you keep in drafts, but it would still be nice.


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