Hi all,

I'm having 2 servers (with SQL 7.0), one is on-line and one is off-line.

The situation here is that the system is much content-rich and we have provided a content mgmt solution which utilizes the SQL Server as DB for the same. As planned, If Content mgmt was not provided, the site would have run into as many as 1300 html pages.

Now the requirement for the system is that
1) The system will be having 2 copies (one in LAN and one on webserver)
2) LAN/Offline system would get updated/approved on daily/regular basis.
3) Once updations are carried out satisfactorily, the people perform Transformation from offline database to online database.
4) The requirement here is how to carryout the differential transfromation between these 2 servers.
To mean it clearly, the database should not be rewritten everytime the transformation of data happens, Instead, it should get updated with data that differs. (Currently updated/deleted/added)

Any favourable directions to make me ahead!!!!!! Please guide me at the earliest!!

Thanks in advance!!