I have an unbound checkbox on my main menu that gets its value from
Field1 in Table A when the form is opened (OnOpen event procedure).
My autoexec macro zeros the field when today's date does not match the
date in a date field in Table A.

Currently the checkbox is not behaving properly. If the checkbox is
checked off, the day changes and the form is opened, the checkbox
remains checked. But if I close the db and reopen it a second time,
then the checkbox becomes unchecked (as it should be).

If I manually change the value in Field1 and then open the form, the
checkbox shows the correct value.

Here's the OnOpen event procedure that I now have:
Me.Check7 = DLookup("[CheckDet0]", "Checkbox")

I've tried adding a Me.Requery and Me.Refresh before and after the
code but it hasn't helped.

Any help in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Eric G