When attempting to open a database with the:

NULL, // Database name - NULL for standard Database
NULL, // Database type - NULL for standard Database
dbiREADWRITE, // Open mode - Read/Write or Read only
dbiOPENSHARED, // Share mode - Shared or Exclusive
NULL, // Password - not needed for the STANDARD database
NULL, // Number of optional parameters
NULL, // Field Desc for optional parameters

NULL, // Values for the optional parameters
&hDb)); // Handle to the database

note that there are 2 (dbiREADWRITE & dbiOPENSHARED) variables that are not defined as either string or numeric in the documentation I received, and I am confused as to how to use them properly. They both appear to be possibly numeric since they can be assigned only 2 values each, but I cannot confirm that in the docs supplied from the Borland site.