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Thread: vbscript error

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    Angry Unanswered: vbscript error

    i know this is rather elementary but i'm getting this object required error and its driving me crazy. its for a web-based form, user enters and then a page on the fly is created. this is the code

    dim name_option(6)
    dim flavorOption(6)

    for j=0 to 6
    if george.flavor.value="a" then
    msgbox "Please choose a flavor."
    exit sub
    end if

    the error occurs on the first line after the "for" statement. it says there is an object required. i know its something easy that i'm missing but i can't seem to get it.

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    Object Required

    I think generally "Object Required" means that you are not using a property or method correctly. It looks to me like:


    Should probably be:


    Of course, this little syntax error may only be a typo in your message and fixing it may not fix the problem if the property is mis-referenced. You may have to go deeper into your code for the answer.

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