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    Unanswered: Date() function in Access 97 with Windows XP

    I am running an Access 97 database over both Win98SE and Win XP Pro.

    In the database I have references in both VBA and Query expressions relating to the Date() function. Unfortunately on the XP machines they will not recognise the Date() function, and either error when code is invlolved, or don't run the queries because of this.

    Is there a known issue with this, and if so, what kind of workaround is there, assuming I stick with Access 97? Will I notice the same issue if I upgrade to Access 2000 or Access XP?

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    I have a copy of access97 running on XPpro. I tried the date() function inside a module script called as a function, and also used as a condition for a query. I did not have any problem using it... so, your problem must lay somewhere else. FYI, I also have Access 2002 installed on the same machine... perhaps this makes a difference. I can't say.

    I do know that some MS products a few years back had problems with their date functions if a NULL argument was passed to the function. Could this be part of your issue?


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