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    Question Unanswered: Error Deploting Web Application

    Hi All,

    I have finish writing an ActiveX Document.exe for use as an Intranet Application. It function is to Insert and Update Records in a MS SQL 7 Database. It is written in VB6. My Problem is when I go to make a deployment package ready for use. I roll it as a standard Package Setup. It then asks me that there is missing files which are...


    I dont seem to have these installed on my PC and not sure whether they are needed, which I think they posssibly are. When it finishes deploting the package and I go to Install it to a network drive it just installs an exe file and a ST6UNST text file, which when I try to run the exe it doesn't do anything at all. So I believe these missing files could be the problem.

    Can anyone help me with this one?? Am I deploying my web application properly and if not how do I do it?? or do I need these missing files and if so where can I get them from??


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    Active X

    Since .dll's are generally driver files, you may want to check that all the appropriate Active X drivers are installed. They may be part of the SQL installation or OS (most likely the former), so you may have to check that both are updated and complete.

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