Hi, Everyone,

This is EDP(Electric Data Processor). I have one concern about updating MS Access data on a network based Multiuser Access Database.

The issues I have seen so far were that in a particular time period the user could not be able to save/update data to back-end database(which only has tables). The strange thing was that the users could make it after that.

There are four workstations and one server on the network, each workstation has front-end database, the server has the back-end database. But they are using different MS Access Versions(Access2000 and Access2002).

So my questions are
1. Should I have to upgrade all Access Versions to Access2002
2. Should I have to convert the database to Access2002 format
3. Is that a network concern using Access

My future depends on the database fails or success! I do appreciate all your help!