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    I have this friend who created a database on his computer. And i need this database from him. So he exported the database into a file (a script i think). Below is the header of the file...

    -- This CLP file was created using DB2LOOK Version 7.2
    -- Timestamp: 04/01/2003 10:40:29 AM
    -- Database Name: xxxxxx_DB
    -- Database Manager Version: DB2/NT Version 7.2.5
    -- Database Codepage: 1252

    CONNECT TO xxxxxx_DB;

    -- Mimic tablespace


    i have no idea how to import this file to my own database(same version as my friend, V 7.2).

    Any idea how to solve this.... very urgent...
    OR any idea how to export a database to another system

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    The file which you have got is the DDL for all the database objects. If you need a complete database with data, then you should have a backup of the database.

    If you run this file on a blank database, then you will have a database with the structure similar to one your friend has but without data.

    Hope this helps.


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