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    Unanswered: Log shipping runs as DTS but fails if scheduled

    My two DTS packages work fine if I run them manually - one to backup the database, xcopy it to the recovery server and restore it.

    The second job ships the transaction log using xcopy and restores it.

    However, when I schedule the jobs, they both fail at the copy stage.

    I have heard of xcopy failing (I tried to put it in a batch file with the same problem) on SQL 7 but I'm not usre if this is true or not.

    Is there another way I can ship my backups to the other server? My dba in my last job used log shipping but I'm certain he didn't use any form of xcopy or copy - any ideas how he might have done it?


    I should add that the two servers in question are in a workgroup as I don't want to add test servers to our domain...
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