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    Unanswered: Sql_query_timeout?

    Well, I know that Informix does not support connection timeouts via ODBC, but you can set a couple environment variables to control connection timeouts (Makes sense, huh?)

    Well, what about query timeouts? Recently we had an outage that would have gone a bit smoother if I had query timeouts. After reading the ODBC docs on SQLSetStmtOption I see there is SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT, but it says that Informix does not support it.

    Informix 9.3

    So.. is there any "graceful" wait of doing this or am I going to have to kludge something up?

    Amazingly, google & company don't show too many people having issues with this!

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    Just checked.
    This feature should be available in our latest CSDK 2.81.
    you can download it for free.

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