I have an application writtin in VB, my app is concerned with the data of a specific group of customers. The user of the app is supposed to use the application to manage the data in the DB (create a new record, delete a record, update ... etc), all this is fine except that I have an MDI application and there could be many open forms at a time, I have to refresh the data in other forms after any changes, this works fine for creating new records, deletion but not for update .. when the data is updated in a form devoted for this purpose and then the form is closed, the data in the other forms is still the same.

By the way I added a method (RefreshData) to all forms that contain data, this function is called through a for each loop immedately after the update statement, as follows (I check the value of the tag property which I have changed at design time because I don't have this method in all forms, only those that with tag preperty set to "DataForm")

Dim frm as Form
For Each from in Forms
If frm.Tag = "DataForm" Then
End If

I thougt I should use an event handler for the recordset, and moved that loop to it:

Dim WethEvents rs as ADODB.Recordset

the RecordChangeComplete event handelr is called and the RefeshData is called from within the loop, again, no use!

I'm new to ADO, I have a feeling that the answer to my question is simple but I just don't know how to solve it. Please help me.

Thanks in advance