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    Unanswered: Access Date issue


    We have been having this problem for long time. We run this query to generate a report based on a date that the user enters through prompt. The query never works correctly the last day of each month. It returns a subset of the expected data and some of the data is corrupted. But it works great the rest of the months. A copy of the query in the design view, a sample data, and the error messages are attached. Please Help.

    Thanks a lot.
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    More details please

    Where are [startdate] and [enddate] coming from?

    Are they just input by the user when the query runs?

    Also are you sure that the query should gather data BETWEEN [startdate] and [enddate]? Perhaps should be

    >= [Startdate] and <= [enddate]

    ?Not enough detail given for me to diagnose though - If the above does not help post email me directly
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