Hi All:

I'm trying to overcome a seemingly straightforward limitation associated with DB2 UDB. I'm using 8.1, although I don't believe the behavior has changed for several releases. I'd like to consolidate DB2 instance owners into a single set of NIS accounts. I realize I can't share installations of DB2 over NFS mounts. I'm simply trying to build a directory structure of DB2 installations so I have a single "root" location to traverse to on the network in order to know where I've installed DB2, what version, what OS platforms, etc. I'm attempting to do something like the following.

db2inst1 (this is the NIS account name and "root" directory)

db2inst1/AIX (for my AIX DB2 installations)

db2inst1/AIX/myAIXbox (for my specific AIX machine)

db2inst1/AIX/myAIXbox/8.1(for my DB2 8.1 installation - this is the directory I'd like use as my INSTHOME directory)

When I perform an installation/instance creation using the db2setup tool (I assume db2icrt would behave the same), INSTHOME must be my "root" directory above. I see no way around this and documentation suggests it must be this. I'm able to move the sqllib directory and adjust .profiles, and related DB2 profiles appropriately, however, when I attempt to use any of the DB2 executables, message files are unable to be resolved. I can't understand why the value of INSTHOME can't be entirely independent of the instance owner's home directory. Has anyone else successfully encountered and worked around this problem? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I've already proven if I go into the user account and change the home directory, post instance creation, the environment works fine.

Chris Potter