I'm working with Palm and Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 8.0

When I'm trying to synchronize data between databases on Palm and PC error occurs:

FAIL Adaptive Server Anywhere Conduit (SQLCODE = -735) 04/02/03 11:09:42
Upload was not received by the MobiLink server. 04/02/03 11:09:42

Palm application was written in Code Warrior R6, here is an example of Synchronize code:

bool CScanDB:ynchronize( void )
ul_synch_info info;
bool ok;

ULInitSynchInfo( &info );
info.user_name = UL_TEXT( "test" );
info.version = SCRIPT_VERSION;
info.stream = ULSerialStream();
info.stream_parms = UL_TEXT ("port=1");
info.observer = ObserverFunc;
ULSynchronize( &sqlca, &info );
ok = (bool)( SQLCODE == SQLE_NOERROR );

return ok;

#define SCRIPT_VERSION UL_TEXT( "version_1" )
extern void UL_GENNED_FN_MOD ObserverFunc( p_ul_synch_status status );

my upload and download cursors in databse has also version name "version_1". Where is the problem?
-735 means Invalid parameter... Which parameter? I really have no idea what is wrong. Is that parameter used to ULSynchronize in CW code or maybe somewhere inside database?
I need to add that originally application works fine with Sybase 6, but after moving databse to 8 some problems occurs. Of course databse scripts has been modified as well as Code Warrior code.
Originally synchronization log file was created on my PC, now even this file is missing. It seems synchronization has never started (that error is somewhere on the begining of synchronization).

Thanks for any suggestions,