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    Unanswered: Data Access Pages or Cold Fusion ???

    I've been put in charge of a new group at work. My task is to build variuos DSS and EIS applications. Most of these will use Access database to provide data storage for the varius apps. I want a Web UI for most users. My questions is, should I use the Data Access Pages inherent in Access or use some middleware like Cold Fusion? Money;s not really an issue. I'm afraid that if I limit myself to the DAP's that I will be constrained later on. All opinons welcome!

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    if money really is no concern, then i would opt for using access projects (access front end and msde or sql server back end) and asp. net or cold fusion as your web access. this may seen like a long way to go about it now, but it has far more power for scalability and gives you greater options for you web applications. i hate to recomend microsoft, but if you are using microsoft databases, is really quite good as there is some consistancy in naming conventions and class names. visual also has quite good development tools for creating xml web services (which in my opinion is the way forward).

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