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    Question Unanswered: Sharing MS Access Application

    Hi all,

    Just wondering how to deploy MS Access to other users within our company. What I means here it how to install the query,forms, reports and macro into other user PC in order to use the same DB.

    I need to develop a new Access DB together with some maintenance forms and report but i am not sure how to deploy it over the network.

    Please shed some light on me .

    Thanks all.


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    Re: Sharing MS Access Application

    One option is to split the database into two (use Tools:Add Ins: Database Splitter). The Back End, which contains only the tables, and the Front End, which contains everything else and is linked to the tables in the Back End. This allows updates to the database w/o taking it off line for extended amounts of time (make copy of front end, make changes in copy, replace old front end with new).

    Have the people access the front end. If performance is an issue, put a copy of the front end on each local machine (this makes distributing updates more complicated) but the back end has to remain on the network (available to all)

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    Tony Towes has a tool which may help if you distribute with seperate front ends....(Not sure if its shareware though, but here's the link)

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