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Thread: DB Design Doubt

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    Unanswered: DB Design Doubt

    Hello everybody...

    Iīm developing an e-learning application with ASP and MS SQL Server. I have some doubts about users levels....

    I can have 2 user levels , Educational and Student. And educational has 3 administration sub-levels :

    Teacher: controls a subject of a course
    Tutor: controls a course (and the subjects of the course)
    Administrator: controls the school (and the courses of the school)

    and the other level:

    Student (has not administrator roles)

    A tutor can administer a (or various) course, but can also be a teacher of a (or several) subject, that is teached into another course.

    Which it is the best way to design the users database? I cannot give to a user an only level of access, depends on the object (course, subject.).

    I think (and is as I am developing) that the best idea is to consider a table for each type of object (course, subject) with User Id., Object Id. and the Most maximum Level of access for this Object Id. But I think that that would complicate the insertion of users from the program..

    I think the problem it's when the user agrees to the zone of administration. ...when is validated, until do not choose one of the objects, the system cannot know what role has the user.

    Someone knows or has seen a better solution for diferent levels of access?

    Thanks in advance.
    (and sorry for my really poor English).

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    As I see it you have two problems.
    1. What is the optimal model for your data?
    2. What is the most efficient way to work with the above model?

    Don't make the first one dependent on the second one. If you take the time to work out a good data model you will have fewer headackes later on.

    I think you are headed in the correct direction. There are many was to design something like this. If you wish, you could post your model and have everyone pick it appart. Take the suggestions that you feel make a better model.

    One other note. If all access to yor data is through stored procedures and or views you can make allot of changes with out hurting the applications.
    Paul Young
    (Knowledge is power! Get some!)

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