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    Unanswered: problem compacting .mdb when a connection is open ( .ldb )

    Well , i got an .mdb where is store data about some printers.
    i connect to it thx a dsn and it runs 24h/24.

    i already found a program to schedule few delete sql querry but as it is .mdb it still need to be compacted.

    So i found a .vbs script to compact it but it dont want to run when it is already open in exclusive mode by admin.

    i wonder if some1 can help me with that. i plan to run the programs or script everyday to clean the old data and compact the db.

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    not clear to me if you are admin or not.

    if someone else is admin and has opened exclusive, you can't compact - in fact you can't do anything.

    if you are admin/exclusive - you should be able to compact. if this is your case, please add some details.


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    well in fact, i got installed a server application who collect data and fil an .mdb database , the server software connect to the db via a dsn.

    the connection is in use all the time , so i need to clean & compact sometimes. when i try to compact using a simple vbs script , it says that it is already open with admin right & exclusive.

    the server application got admin right on it.

    so i think i should find a way program or script to close connection & compact.

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