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    Unanswered: "Kernel Cannot Send" message in errorlog

    Can someone tell me if the following message in the server Sybase errorlog (ASE12.0.0.6 EBF 10634 on NT4) are anything to
    worry about and what does they means :

    disconnected: BLUEBAYPC28 1196 spid: 18
    00:00000:00018:2003/04/01 08:30:09.23 kernel Cannot send, host process
    disconnected: BLUEBAYPC28 1196 spid: 18
    00:00000:00018:2003/04/01 08:30:09.23 server Error: 1608, Severity: 18,
    State: 4
    00:00000:00018:2003/04/01 08:30:09.23 server A client process exited
    abnormally, or a network error was encountered. Unless other errors
    occurred, continue processing normally.
    00:00000:00025:2003/04/01 09:07:02.46 kernel Cannot send, host process
    disconnected: BLUEBAYPC28 1196 spid: 25

    Thanks a lot.

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    I've seen this message only once before on one of my customers sites.
    There didn't appear to be any adverse affect that we could tell.

    From memory, this was a client induced disconnect i.e. something happened to the client, and the server was just recording the status.

    I believe in my case the DB rollback functions worked fine, as we found no errors after running our referential integrity check routines.

    If theres only one occurrence of this, I wouldn't worry too much, if its repeating, then you need to try and find out why.

    I spent 2 days reviewing what happened, Sybase tech support couldn't shed any light, and I never found out what happened.

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    We have been getting that for the last 3 years or so from 11.9.2 to 12.5 (Linux). We think it has something to do with our web application (PHP running on Apache) holding open the database connection until the Apache process kills it, but Apache does not gracefully log out it simply pulls the plug. Provided you have all your processing done (e.g. already did your updates/etc.) then there really should be no problem. If it is dying in the middle of a transaction then there could be issues.


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