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    Unanswered: adding an "all" item to a combo box

    I have a combo called supervisors whose row source is set to query:
    SELECT DISTINCT [audit].[Supervisor] FROM audit WHERE [audit].[Regional Office]=[Forms]![frmSearchPD]![Regional Office];

    This combo is filtered depending on the values in combo Regional Office, and is used to print reports based on the supervisor name. What I am trying to do is add an ALL or * to the combo box to be able to print reports for all supervisors in the combo box.

    Please help!


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    instead of populating the combo directly from the query you could create a recordset from your query and add a record to the recordset for "*" and populate your combo from the recordset and take suitable code action when "*" is selected, but it all becomes rather messy.

    simpler perhaps is an option group
    (O) All
    (O) Select [Combo]

    combo.visible = true (? or .enabled ?) when option.value = 2

    your report query then uses criteria something like:
    iif(option.value = 1, "*", combo.value)


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    Jason, have a clever way of doing it:

    It worked for me.


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