dbremote is not updating the consolidated database.
In the DBA directory the files that are coming from the client-side don't
get process when I run DBremote.

When I run dbremote, files are created in the user directory. Client is
picking up and dumping files from the remote user replication directory
which is fine, but consolidated database is not getting updated.

Here is the target command in dbremote shortcut:
"C:\Program Files\Sybase\Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0\win32\dbremote.exe"
-c "dsn=my_db;uid=DBA;pwd=sql"
-v -o e:\SurveyTrak1\projects\userdir\dbremote.log

Here is the Start line :"C:\Program Files\Sybase\Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0\win32"