We need to restore a database backup taken on our development server on a remote laptop/machine which has similar db2 setup. Now the issue is, we were unable to do so and get the following error: "SQL3282N The supplied credentials are not valid." However, we were able to create a sample database on the remote machine, take backup and restore from the same..

Upon investigating around this a little further -- learnt that this may be because DB2_ENABLE_LDAP is set to YES. Therefore, we set this parameter to NO.

* Now the problem is in case if we need to use IBM Access Manager with LDAP repository -- then how do we go about in setting up this repository?

* Secondly, can someone throw some light on why did the db restore fail on the remote server? while it allows restore to happen from the backup's taken on the same machine...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ps: We are running DB2 v8.1 on Win2K.