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Thread: dynamic updates

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    Unanswered: dynamic updates

    I am using Sybase 12.5 on a Sun Solaris 8 system. Is there a way to get a notification from Sybase when a change was made to the system via isql or any time a query was executed via isql? Thanks!!

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    Re: dynamic updates


    This is a tricky one. I haven't tried it myself, but this is how you might go about it. I'm sure some one provide a neater solution than this.

    You could install auditing and track any SQL being run against the database. This is stored in sysaudits_0x where x is number refering to a table containing the details of an auditable event. By attaching an insert trigger to the sysaudits_0x tables it that runs an external stored via XP Server you could have an email of some other notification sent.

    Like I said I haven't tried this so I don't know how difficult this to achieve, or whethe attaching a trigger to sysaudits is even going to work.


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    By system change if you mean some server parameter change...

    than you can keep looking for .cfg file any change in configuration file will tell you that that system cofiguration is changed...

    but if you database changes than you need to use auditing


    bcp out sysobjects, sysindexes etc every night and then diff with next nights output files... and you will come to know about changes...

    but all this does not sound very good... basically if you are doing this for your production database and you are dba do not let anything go in without a CR and you reviewing it...

    and server configuration should not be changed by anyone take care to keep all your sa_role logings secure...

    God bless you...

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