I'm developing a Visual C application for Oracle Accesing through ODBC.

I've made this a lot of times, but this time I need to write a DLL in Visual C++ 6.0

I've made DLLs, but I never wrote DLL with ODBC.

I wrote the code, and everything works OK, except in one particular thing: I can't delete a row....

I have a Recordset created for my table EMNR, with it's fields as member variables.

I changed one of them from the default CTime, because the Oracle Table is DATE, to CString. I also changed the refence in DoFieldExchange.

With that configuration I can read rows, I can modify rows, and insert new rows. No problem.

But when I try to delete a row (focused on a recordset) I receive the following error:

ORA-01861: literal does not match format string

If I change back again the CString member to CTime, it executes OK.
If I do the same work, but instead of DLL, a simple application, it executes OK.

BUT, I need a dll with that configuration (CString)

Any idea will be useful.

Best regards,

Leonardo G. Agopian