I'm experiencing a problem accessing the specification for a linked text file in an Access DB. The problem occurs when two different connections are used to access the same linked text file of a DB. Here's the sequence of events:

1. Connection 1 is used to update tables in the database other than the linked text file.

2. Connection 1 and connection 2 can be used to access the linked table in calls that originate from the application's classes (as opposed to a DLL the application uses). If this is done, no errors occur in subsequent accesses by either connection in any sequence in the application or the DLL.

3. If #2 is not done, either Connection 1 or connection 2 can be used to access the linked table from the DLL but then when the other connection is used to access the linked table later in the DLL or after returning to the application an ADO exception occurs.

Here's the ADO exception number and message:

0x80004005 -2147467259 Unspecified error

"The text file specification <filename> Link Specification' does not exist. You cannot import, export, or link using the specification."

The link specifications in the MSysIMEXSpecs and MSysIMEXColumns tables appear to be fine.

Any thoughts?