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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Upgrading SQL2k Standard to SQL2k Enterprise

    I have a server running SQL 2000 Standard at SP3 and would like to upgrade to Enterprise edition SP3. I know that I can't slipstream sp3 and if I try to run setup in Enterprise edition, won't I be overwriting all of my existing system databases with RTM versions? (I know that my user db's will be fine). IF that is possible then what happens to the SP 3 install? Does anything get overwritten there? What would be the best procedure? I'm open to suggestions.


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    How would I do it?

    A. If you use many special features. But this way I didn't test.

    0. Backup all (SYSTEM+DATABASES)
    1. Install SQL Server Enterprise (Select Upgrade, remove, or add components to an existing instance of SQL Server)
    2. Restart Windows
    3. Install SP3 + Restart Windows
    4. Done

    B. If don't have any special features (DTS,replication,log shipping,jobs,linked servers,full-text,...) activated or you are able to recreate them:

    0. Backup all (SYSTEM+DATABASES)
    1. Run sp_configure and print results.
    2. Create sp_attach scripts for databases
    3. Stop SQL Server and move database files to your backup folder
    4. Uninstall SQL Server + Restart Windows
    5. Install SQL Server Enterprise + Restart Windows
    6. Install SP3 + Restart Windows
    7. Run sp_configure and compare results
    8. Move database files back
    9. Run your attaching script
    10. Done

    I recomend to use A. If it fails, restore from the backup and try B.

    Good luck!

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