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    Unhappy Unanswered: ORA-12540:TNS:internal limit restriction exceeded

    when i connect from the command prompt as sysdba the
    following message:

    ORA-12540:TNS:internal limit restriction exceeded

    On metalink i found a possible reason for this problem:

    The previous SQL*Plus session terminated abnormally which left a
    shadow process which was not properly cleaned up. If more than 3 of
    these shadow processes have been left, the next SQL*Plus session gets
    an error and is not able to connect.

    I want my 450 users to get connected to my database server

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    do you want all your 450 users to connect as sysdba?

    when creating a database instance there most the times the number of dbas is restricted to some number of 3 to five (orapwd located $ORACLE_HOME/dbs

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