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    Unanswered: Before you post your this

    Before you post please check that you have done these things;
    • Used the Search function (top right hand corner of every page) to find previous solutions to your problem
    • Searched Google. Especially for error codes
    • Tried for simple questions
    • Searched for ASP specifics
    • Made sure your post is to do with this sub-forum, i.e. not a pure SQL question (example) or a Oracle question etc.
    • Make sure your post is understandable - that it will make sense to someone with out your knowledge of the situation: i.e. not "Weool the input function in the xyz page gets the personel data and I can't find the date of birth on page zyx". This kind of stuff is useless - people will either ignore you, or as lots of questions to get what you should have posted in the first place: In both cases, it wastes YOUR time, let alone others.
    • Large amounts of code should be posted using the attach file option

    Also to save you, and the people replying to you time; If your code has errors that you don't understand; post the code. 9/10 times people will need or ask you to do so anyway.

    When posting code you should encase them with the proper tags; which are [ code ] and [ / code ] (remove the spaces) which give the result of
    hello this is some code
    I have posted this, mainly because I see/answer the same questions a lot; example what does "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x8004????) mean???"

    I am going to make an FAQ section as soon as I get time. Any queries about this post should be directed to me via PM or email.
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