Hai all,

I am running a oracle datase on a solaris box.
I used a third party tool to tune the database and found the following recommendations.

1.HIgh Parse to Execute Ratio

parse count (total) =93517039

parse count (hard) = 19941341

execute count = 95536447

Parse to execute ratio = parse count (total)/execute count = 97.88%

I am not sure what is the difference between the total and hard parse counts.

I would like to know what is the next thing I should do to reduce this value.

2.Number of DB file too high

DBWR Average Scan Depth =930.1030

what can i do to avoid this message.

3.PCTFREE to low for a table

chained fetch Ratio 1.5150

what is this regarding to and how to clear this

4. Shared pool area too small

library cache pin hit ratio =88.8239

Shared pool size =15.78 MB

shared pool reserved size =.78MB

Should i increase the shared pool area.

It would be very thank full if any one could help me.
This forum is very active and is very helpfull.

This statistics were taken after a long time after startup.

Thanks in advance