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    Talking Unanswered: Informix database

    How to calculate database's size, log size and tmp size in KB?
    And also what is the formula to calculate current table size and row size in KB?

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    Do you want to calculate this for future databases or for existing?

    The size of a database or a table or even a row can be measured in different ways. It depends a bit on what you want.

    database sysmaster;
    select * from sysptnhdr;

    nptotal - total pages allocated for this table
    npused - A page is used if at least one row is/was in it.
    npdata - The total amount of completely full pages.

    nptotal - npdata is the amount of free pages in the extent.

    Now it depends a bit on the page size to calculate it in KB.
    Most of the unic systems have 2K page sizes. AIX has 4K and Windows also has 4K page sizes.

    The size of the logs can be seen with 'onstat -l' This is also in page sizes.

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