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    Question Unanswered: Creating a linked table on remote Access database through ASP/VBScript

    I'm wondering if any one had success in creating a linked/attached table on an MS Access database once it is on a webserver.

    Say I have two Access databases, and I want to create a linked table in one of them to look at a table in the other. I cannot create the linked table using the UNC path for the folder on the webserver containing the databases b/c it doesn't exist on my local machine. I want to either issue some type of SQL command (which I don't think is possible) or use VBScript to modify the Access db and establish the linked table.

    I tried this on my local machine using IIS and it worked, but once I uploaded the dbs to the webserver and opened the same ASP document in my browser, I get a "HTTP 500 Internal server error".

    Here's the code I made to do this which worked locally using a UNC path:
      Dim oAccessApp ' access object variable name
      ' instantiate the access object variable with an instance of the destination database 
      ' in the web server's memory so you can create a linked table...
        ' Arguments:  
          '   UNC path of destination database (where you want to link the table to),
          '   class name of object you want to instantiate
          Set oAccessApp = GetObject("\\WebServerName\Folder1\...\database\dbDestination.mdb", "Access.Application")
      ' call the TransferDatabase method to link the table
        ' Arguments:  
        '   TransferType - linked table transfer (acLink = A_ATTACH = 2),
        '   DatabaseType - Microsoft Access in this case,
        '   DatabaseName - UNC path of source database (where you want to link the table from),
        '   ObjectType - the type of object you want to reference..
        '      a table in this case (acTable = A_TABLE = 0),
        '   Source - name of the table you want to link from,
        '   Destination - name of the table you want to link to 
        '      (can be same or different than Source),
        '   StructureOnly - boolean argument whether you want either the structure 
        '      or structure and data (False in this case)
        oAccessApp.DoCmd.TransferDatabase 2, "Microsoft Access", _
    "\\WebServerName\Folder1\...\database\dbSource.mdb", _
           0, "tblData", "tbldata", False
      ' release the instance of the access object
      Set oAccessApp = Nothing
    As you can see, there are few lines of code to do this, and is pretty cut and dry.

    Again, this works locally, but when I run the same script on the webserver (with the appropriate UNC paths), I get that 500 error.

    I don't know if there may be a different way to do this, or if there is some setting the webserver has that doesn't allow this (that's what I am thinking, but not sure.)

    I remember responding to a post (I don't remember if it was here or on the newsgroups) about the same topic, so I don't know if that person had success or not...I know this isn't a unique situation, but I may have limitations with the web host.

    Any ideas??

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